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LAST UPDATED: 7th December 2022
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18/11/2022: #18-08 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

16/11/2022: #20-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

13/11/2022: #18-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

10/11/2022: #02-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

10/11/2022: #09-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

06/11/2022: #08-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

06/11/2022: #16-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

03/11/2022: #16-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

02/11/2022: #08-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

31/10/2022: #14-09 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

30/10/2022: #15-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

30/10/2022: #13-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

30/10/2022: #20-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

28/10/2022: #06-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

24/10/2022: #04-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

24/10/2022: #07-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

24/10/2022: #17-09 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

23/10/2022: #16-09 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

22/10/2022: #15-09 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

22/10/2022: #15-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

20/10/2022: #05-08 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

16/10/2022: #16-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

12/10/2022: #13-09 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

12/10/2022: #06-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

12/10/2022: #17-08 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

11/10/2022: #12-09 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

11/10/2022: #11-08 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

11/10/2022: #09-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

11/10/2022: #15-08 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

10/10/2022: #11-09 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

10/10/2022: #10-08 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

10/10/2022: #09-08 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

10/10/2022: #07-08 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

09/10/2022: #06-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

09/10/2022: #10-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

09/10/2022: #13-08 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

09/10/2022: #05-09 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

09/10/2022: #04-09 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

09/10/2022: #10-09 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

07/10/2022: #04-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

07/10/2022: #12-08 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

07/10/2022: #08-09 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

07/10/2022: #03-09 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

02/10/2022: #07-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

02/10/2022: #05-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

29/09/2022: #07-09 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

29/09/2022: #18-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

28/09/2022: #21-01 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

27/09/2022: #09-09 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

25/09/2022: #12-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

25/09/2022: #02-09 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

25/09/2022: #06-09 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

18/09/2022: #05-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

11/09/2022: #11-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

11/09/2022: #07-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

10/09/2022: #08-08 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

10/09/2022: #16-08 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

10/09/2022: #10-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

10/09/2022: #02-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

10/09/2022: #24-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

10/09/2022: #11-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

10/09/2022: #13-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

10/09/2022: #13-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

10/09/2022: #18-09 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

10/09/2022: #06-08 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

10/09/2022: #03-08 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

10/09/2022: #03-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

10/09/2022: #12-10 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

10/09/2022: #08-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

10/09/2022: #03-06 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

04/09/2022: #14-01 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

04/09/2022: #23-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

31/08/2022: #21-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

31/08/2022: #18-01 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

30/08/2022: #14-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

29/08/2022: #04-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

28/08/2022: #16-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

28/08/2022: #06-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

28/08/2022: #07-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

28/08/2022: #16-01 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

27/08/2022: #16-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

27/08/2022: #03-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

27/08/2022: #17-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

26/08/2022: #15-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

25/08/2022: #13-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

25/08/2022: #02-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

21/08/2022: #09-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

21/08/2022: #14-03 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

18/08/2022: #05-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

18/08/2022: #02-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

18/08/2022: #04-03 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

16/08/2022: #23-03 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

16/08/2022: #22-03 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

16/08/2022: #02-03 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

16/08/2022: #17-01 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

15/08/2022: #21-03 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

14/08/2022: #10-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

14/08/2022: #11-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

07/08/2022: #22-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

07/08/2022: #19-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

31/07/2022: #13-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

31/07/2022: #05-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

25/07/2022: #21-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

24/07/2022: #20-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

24/07/2022: #05-03 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

22/07/2022: #06-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

17/07/2022: #11-03 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

16/07/2022: #10-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

16/07/2022: #10-03 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

16/07/2022: #15-01 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

12/07/2022: #13-03 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

12/07/2022: #09-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

10/07/2022: #03-03 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

10/07/2022: #17-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

04/07/2022: #18-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

03/07/2022: #04-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

03/07/2022: #13-01 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

26/06/2022: #12-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

26/06/2022: #07-03 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

20/06/2022: #11-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

20/06/2022: #17-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

15/06/2022: #13-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

14/06/2022: #11-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

14/06/2022: #09-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

12/06/2022: #12-01 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

07/06/2022: #20-03 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

07/06/2022: #15-03 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

07/06/2022: #06-03 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

06/06/2022: #08-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

05/06/2022: #04-01 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

05/06/2022: #15-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

31/05/2022: #07-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

31/05/2022: #04-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

29/05/2022: #05-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

29/05/2022: #08-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

29/05/2022: #08-03 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

29/05/2022: #09-03 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

27/05/2022: #12-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

26/05/2022: #02-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

23/05/2022: #07-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

21/05/2022: #03-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

21/05/2022: #16-03 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

21/05/2022: #06-01 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

14/05/2022: #19-03 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

14/05/2022: #11-01 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

13/05/2022: #21-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

13/05/2022: #18-03 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

13/05/2022: #18-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

13/05/2022: #05-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

13/05/2022: #03-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

13/05/2022: #24-04 – 2 Bedroom Penthouse Sold!

28/04/2022: #02-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

22/04/2022: #24-03 – 3 Bedroom Penthouse Sold!

10/04/2022: #10-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

10/04/2022: #06-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

04/04/2022: #12-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

12/03/2022: #07-01 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

06/02/2022: #05-01 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

30/01/2022: #03-01 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

21/01/2022: #10-01 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

09/01/2022: #16-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

***Displaying recently sold units only***

the organic world. refined to perfection.
CK Asset Holdings Limited’s freehold Perfect Ten is just a making inspired by a modernized edition of Region 10 lifestyle and developed by distinguished DP Architects.

Perfect Ten. Stay a perfect life.

This freehold, 104,531 sq base structure offers a singular blend of luxurious, grandeur, and lifestyle, evoking the draw of an even more affluent era.

Twin 24-story residential structures give you a choice of two- and three-bedroom apartments, and residents have exceptional usage of freshly built amenities and recreational spaces.

Task details
By CK Property Progress Restricted Url PED Link Still another Honorable Project

Appreciate all that life provides, all of which are conveniently situated and simply accessible.
Connectivity Appreciate household living at its most readily useful with easy access to the island’s premier instructional institutions.
Knowledge and an attractive life style are deserved! Take advantage of superb buying, top-notch dining, and a wide selection of activity opportunities.
Shopping and Ingesting You and your loved ones can feel more at ease realizing that state-of-the-art medical and healthcare facilities are shut by.
Healthcare Medical benefits of green tea extract extend to your head, body, and spirit. To reenergize yourself, immerse your self in nature’s perfection.
Discretion & Parks

the purpose of life. polished to perfection.
The impressive twin systems of Perfect Ten provide an unimpeded see of its tranquil, old surroundings. It is really a party of contemporary residing and a fruitful mix of cutting-edge technology with breathtaking normal beauty.

The designers effectively merged power, fluidity, and beauty into an energetic framework by drawing inspiration from natural styles and natural materials.

Modern Style Idea
Section 10’s latest landmark, Perfect Ten, offers the height of luxurious living.
Principle for Key Place Water features incorporate the structure of their environments to offer a vibrant, streaming movement in space.
key access The lovely planting over the major principal promenade generates an impressive outline.
Vacation Cabana Sculpted woods develop spectacular living arches for picturesque views and lasting memories.
Simple Principle for Landscape The estate’s general setting is echoed by opulent decorations and carefully trimmed lines of greenery.
principal perspective The well-kept bushes attractively enhance the cantilevered clubhouse.
Lotus Pool That private natural oasis of peace and seclusion is the perfect destination for a unwind, refocus, and reclaim your inner stillness.
Remarkable First Impression You are focused by the immaculately held entranceway to the peace of a rock waterfall, which shows a more regal and elegant time. The main lobby’s extraordinary drop-off place, that will be bordered by a moving water feature wall and covered by an attractive free-form canopy, welcomes visitors and residents.
Complete Conventional Equilibrium The symmetrical twin residential structures radiate splendor and task a sense of welcome.
Reverse Towers The set-back towers are correctly situated for inconspicuous privacy along with offering unhindered opinions of the wonderful normal surroundings, including Bukit Timah Character Reserve.
Choice of Components The meticulously chosen the different parts of glass, metal, mesh, crops, and water got together in a dramatic distinction of variety and function.

Enjoy Your Senses. polished to perfection.
Make yourself at home in your personal area. The perfect avoid from the speed of contemporary living is developed by Perfect Ten, which raises the ordinary to the extraordinary. It gives skillfully developed living areas and is surrounded by nature’s most useful elements.
In a spot designed designed for expression, peace, and rejuvenation, rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit.
Consume the 50-meter infinity pool’s relaxed seclusion in all its splendor, detailed with magnificent galaxy lights and sweeping, intensive opinions from the clubhouse. Enjoy the ceiling garden’s breath-taking views of the city. Alternatively, to relieve the strain of the afternoon, go to the gym. Whether you need time alone or time with the family, Perfect Ten is the best position for life’s perfect moments.
Cloud Garden
The magnificent Top Yard is the perfect place to flake out with loved ones, spend amount of time in character, and take in Singapore’s spectacular skyline since it includes unrivaled city views.

Private Space Refined to perfection.
3 Room Floor Arrange for the Model
Each house displays the good coexistence of openness and organic architecture, blending huge ceilings with breath-taking views from appropriately driven balconies to produce an unrestricted sense of space.

Floor Arrange for a 2-Bedroom Model with Luxury Manufacturers and Fittings
This painstaking style, which generates the perfect residing placing by fusing exceptional products with superior craftsmanship, radiates peace out of every viewpoint.

upscale items and furnishings
CK House Progress Confined Link’s Still another Honorable Task DEP Link
Models & Fittings of Luxury in a 3-Bedroom
Perfection is found in the details. Perfect Ten mixes quality, comfort, and refinement right into a entirely modern managing the finest European gear and lavish fittings.

Luxury Manufacturers & Accessories
Integrated Pot Hood by Miele with Telescoping Arm (Germany) Two-Zone Miele Induction Hob (Germany) Miele 1 Zone Hob Fuel (Germany) Miele water oven (Germany) Miele coffeemaker (Switzerland) Miele’s Wine Basement (Austria) German Miele machine and dryer which can be split (Czech Republic) Gaggenau double-door icebox The models may alter. Bathroom Brands & Accessories Duravit simple or double clean basins (Germany) Germany/Switzerland Villeroy & Boch Wall Hold Water Closet and/or Master Shower Duravit Standalone Water Cabinet Extended Shower by Duravit (Germany) Hansgrohe shower machine models may change.
The three-bedroom master clothing skillfully conceals a mini-fridge, a personal safe, illumination, and a dehumidifier behind easy sliding/swing doors.
Clever design assures that the household stays personal even as you benefit from the gorgeous views of the pleasant surroundings. All 3-bedroom flats and some 2-bedroom items provide the finest in seclusion and have personal lift lobbies.

Program of the System with Two Rooms
This thoughtful style, which creates the best residing setting by fusing outstanding products with superior artistry, radiates peace from every viewpoint.
Personal Room Finished to perfection.
3 Room Ground Policy for the Model
Each home displays the beneficial coexistence of openness and natural architecture, blending ample roofs with breath-taking views from properly driven balconies to create an unrestricted feeling of space.
Models & Fixtures of Luxurious in a Two-Bedroom
Every piece of furniture and gear has been carefully picked by having an attention toward quality and design perfection, redefining luxury as a mark of the best way of life.

Luxurious Manufacturers & Fittings
Incorporated Pot Cover by Miele with Telescoping Arm (Germany) Miele’s 3 Areas Induction Hob (Germany) Integral Miele Refrigerator (Germany) an Miele water range (Germany) Miele washer/dryer (Germany) The designs may alter. Toilet Models & Accessories Villeroy & Boch Wall Hold Water Closet (Germany/Switzerland), Duravit Standalone Water Closet, or a simple wash container from Duravit (Germany)
Hansgrohe bath equipment designs may change.
The two-bedroom clothing can also be excellent; it has illumination and a dehumidifier that are skillfully invisible behind clean slipping and swinging doors.
Thoughtful style guarantees that your household remains individual even while you benefit from the beautiful opinions of the nice surroundings. All 3-bedroom flats and some 2-bedroom models provide the best in seclusion and have individual carry lobbies.

CK Asset’s A Proud Developing Heritage Confined
primary global company The goal of CK Advantage Holdings Restricted (“CK Asset” or “the Group”) is to offer long-term sustainable growth through a methodical way of offshore opportunities and a slow enhancement of its repeating revenue base. The Group has a broad number of knowledge, including those in infrastructure and energy investments, real-estate development and investment, lodge and repaired room procedures, property and project management, leasing of jets, working of bars, and opportunities in these fields.

One of the largest designers of property in Hong Kong, CK Asset features a significant market reveal in Hong Kong, a considerable collection in Mainland China, and a big presence in Singapore. Having its huge history in property development, the Group has generated a number of Hong Kong’s most famous landmark structures and complexes, some of which are among their primary advantage holdings. The Group’s industry price was HK$184 (S$32.1) million by August 31, 2020.

Enterprises for Progress of Property (Singapore) Pte Ltd.
Home Enterprises Development (Singapore) Pte Ltd goes to CK Advantage Group (PEDS). By leveraging CK Asset’s knowledge, background, status, and financial security, PEDS has significantly improved Singapore’s urban environment.

The Company’s projects continually strive to incorporate efficiently to their environments, increasing the sites’ value with effective place style, high-end completes, and original concepts. PEDS continues to ascertain new standards for upscale, lifestyle-oriented developments including Stars of Kovan, Thomson Grand, The Vision, Cairnhill Crest, Thomson 800, and Costa Del Sol.
For the development of new communities and districts, PEDS is crucial. The Group is a partner in the shared opportunity that developed and made One Raffles Quay, Marina Bay Residences, Marina Bay Fits, and Marina Bay Financial Middle, radically altering the Marina Bay place and Singapore’s company district.
In Marina, Kovan’s Stars Your Vision Bay Economic Center

Architect Design Statement
From Perfect Ten’s vantage point, which is also definately not the main street, it is probable to discover the Bukit Timah Nature Hold and the Town clearly. Wealthy greenery, unmatched opinions, and exemplary privacy are characteristics of the location. In order to provide the citizens with a unique site to live, our proposal for Perfect Ten works to maximise these useful site features. Perfect Ten was designed with grandeur in mind. A couple of twin systems are established in a chevron type to increase the units’ substantial opinions and their significant setback from the key road. The chevron design also contributes to Perfect Ten’s special magnificent perspective of a pair of open doors pleasant the people house or apartment with a great gesture. Coming house to superiority is much like coming house to majesty. Perfect Ten, a breathtakingly beautiful “bit of Nature.” The streaming façade of the towers makes mention of two superb “waterfalls” that cause an setting terrace with lavish flora. A huge pool flow cantilevers around a few landscape terraces and spans environmentally friendly terrace in the types of a stream cascade. Natural walls, planters, and water features surround the environmental terrace, producing a multi-sensory experience that appears like winding through a green “valley.” The club drifts on the water such as a river outcrop and features views of the whole share deck. Perfect Ten is like going back to the normal world. Residents of Perfect Ten may splurge on the best possible amenities. A stunning drop-off embellished with delicate things in glass, mesh, rock, and water features welcomes residents. From the sky-bridge yard that joins the double buildings, residents may eat and curl up while using in the beautiful opinions of Bukit Timah Character Reserve. There are numerous amenities on environmentally friendly deck, which is surrounded by attractive character and calm water features. Arriving at PerfectTTen is similar to entering a luxurious house.
Director of DP Architects Suneeth Changaroth

Challenge Merit Year Honors & Prizes Pte Ltd. DP Architects

Brilliance in Design and Executive: BCI-Asia Top Five Architects Award, Frasers Towers BCA Style and Engineering Safety Prizes, 2005–2018

2019 Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (Novena Campus) BCI Asia Interior Design Awards, School Class Champion Our Tampines Link acquired the 2018 BCA Universal Style Tag Merit GoldPLUS

Orchard Key – L1 Discovery Go 2016 Downtown East BCA General Style Tag Prizes GoldPLUS, FIABCI Singapore Property Prizes (Design)

Winner of the 2014 BCA Structure Quality Awards for The Fullerton Resort, the Singapore Sports Heart World Architecture Festival Awards (2015), and the 2013 Resorts World Sentosa Prizes

2012 The Dubai Mall Natural Tag Champion Awardee, International Council of Looking Centers Most useful of the Most readily useful VIVA Honor Honoree, and 2013 FIABCI Singapore Property Awards Natural Wall Type Champion

Singapore Flyer BCA Design and Executive Safety Excellence Merit Worth 2010 Bugis Junction International Council of Searching Stores Skilled Recognition

2009 Vivocity SIA-NParks Skyrise Greenery Merit beneficiary

National Art Gallery finalist in the 2008 MICA National Art Structure Style Opposition

Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay received the 2006 President’s Design Prize for Style of the Year.

Description of the Landscape Design
ultimately located midway between Bukit Timah Hold and Singapore’s vibrant city. That specific polarity, which represents metropolitan living, is intended to be conveyed through the property’s surroundings.
The growth has a natural arrange on a single area, which allows for the movement of flora, increases the structure with balanced verticality, and imitates the urban skyline on the other. The progress consists of numerous courtyards, ceiling gardens, and an elevated program with a cantilevered swimming share at one end. The entire website is protected with vegetation, which blurs the lines separating the buildings from their neighbors. Combined with the degree and ratio of the architectural form with regards to its environments, the areas of the home have been carefully planned for both a residential district and an individual. The plantings are meticulously organized in each location with the target of making a well-groomed environment with clean lines and accents of fragrant flowers to heighten the senses. The website also has a number of water characteristics that highlight the fluidity of the architecture. Because water always reflects their surrounds and naturally captures light, the environment in general is created more serene. From rooftop jacuzzis with spectacular views of the Singapore cityscape to meditation units and moon pavilions, the areas have more developed in to a variety of realistic locations that focus on an extensive spectrum of resident demands.
Mr. Ong Sok Chun, Manager of Salad Dressing

Residential skyrise greenery – Exemplary Prizes Task Typology Prizes Exceptional Double Bay Residences 2013 Residential Luxurious Condo 2013 LIAS Prizes (Bronze) Foresta at Install Faber’s Residential LEAF Prizes for 2015 – LEAF-certified developments Exemplary Minton Residential LIAS Prizes for 2015 (Gold) The 2015 H2O House Residential LIAS Prizes were exemplary (Gold) The MIPIM Asia Awards’ Most readily useful Revolutionary Green Making (Gold) Enabling Town Institution LEAF Prizes of Remarkable Task 2015 President’s Design Prize 2015 Common Style Mark Honor 2015 ABC Seas Certified (Platinum) 2016 Jurong Pond Yard Park The Grove, Baiyun Residential Singapore Landscape Structure Awards National Parks Panel (NParks) Winning System (Silver)

Design exhibition projects’ task year Venice Biennale 2020 Dubai Expo 2020

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